Are you feeling burned out?

Here's How WE built a

7-Figure Dental Practice

only working

3 days a week to

AVOID the Burnout.

7 steps that lead to spending less time

at the office & focusing more on the efforts that matter.

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Remember the feeling when you first set foot in dental school?

The excitement, the promise of a fulfilling career ahead?

Are you living that dream or caught in the daily grind?

Fill out this form and I'll give you

7 things to focus on that got us to

7-Figures without the BURNOUT

Kirk Teachout's family dressed up as characters from The Sandlot

That’s a picture of me with my awesome wife, Dr. Lauren and our 3 boys for Halloween. We were a true Sandlot bunch lol

If we don’t get to know each other better, I won’t ever really be able to help you because, well, you won’t trust me. So, HI!

A few years back, my wife, who's a dentist, and I were in the same boat. She bought her own practice and turned to me for help. What happened next? We transformed a modest $300,000 dental practice into a multiple 7-Figure practice within 2 years—and with only one doctor working 3 days a week.

Here's the kicker

We did it by focusing on 7 core systems. Not only did we increase our monthly revenue by $35,000+ in a single month, but we did it during a global pandemic, a cyber-attack, and even scaled down our working days. Sounds unbelievable? Well, hold on to your seat because there's more.

During my wife's maternity leave, we brought in a temp doctor—someone who had never produced more than $6,000 a day. But under our optimized systems and a well-trained team, she started generating $15,000 days.

Every. Single. Day.



Dr. Brooklin Byrd

"Dr. Lauren and Kirk have an awesome office! I had the opportunity to work at their office for a few weeks and experience their systems, and things ran so smoothly and efficiently. I came away from their office with helpful pointers and all new ideas for improving my office. Highly recommend studying the way they run their office and taking away some new methods to optimize your office!"


Dr. Chris Chandler

"I’m PUMPED because of the Action Steps we lined out. We got after it and the team is actively adding stuff now. Overall, we have hit our weekly goal and increased our average daily production by $3k-$4k consistently! It’s awesome. Your BONUS system just makes sense and you even had the fixes for every issue I’ve had in the past when trying to put one together!"

So, are you ready to kick the grind to the curb? I’ve distilled our experience into a 7-step guide that can transform your practice just like it did ours.


I agree to terms & conditions provided by the company. By providing my phone number, I agree to receive text messages from the business.

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